Today, quality designers who have the right mix of creativity and innovativeness are rare.In the last few years alone, there have been several designers who have come to the scene with a huge bang and vanished as soon as they arrived. But some have stood against the tide of time and time again. Preeti Chandra is one such designer. This young lady has virtually taken over the fashion circuit with her designs. Today, she is a name that commands tremendous respect not only in India…but in the International arena as well. According to Preeti she always knew she wanted to be a designer and a prepared mind is what luck favors. Her designs reflect fashion as it’s really lived, rather than anything arty or conceptual.

She started her career in New York in 1996, and there has been no looking back since then. Upon her return to India, Preeti launched her self –styled label ‘Preeti Chandra’ For her every season is an experience and every collection strongly reflects her personality…a spirit of freedom with undertones of a gypsy-like feminine spirit. Her every collection is a journey where Preeti discovers yet another aesthetic realm. A realm that is new, dew fresh, suited to the millennium- the women of today. The form of her collection is simple, and the structure easy with special cuts, fall, finesse and style creating timeless outfits ,with attention to every meticulous detail..

It’s her different style statement , which has established her and enabled her to convert her designs and present them to the international arena. Preeti retails her exclusive women’s wear at her own show room in New Delhi. She also retails from the US, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, Hong Kong, Spain, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jeddah, Riyadh, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and France .The list of her clients continues to grow larger with each passing year. In the vibrant world of contemporary fashion, few designers have consistently stood out of the crowd for their creative talent and attention to aesthetic detail. Preeti Chandra is one such rarity.

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